Meetings reports

Reports from The Working Group and other general postings

Reports from The Network

Meeting report from the Prague Goldschmidt 2015 Workshop

Prague 2015 Workshop report 

Meeting report from the NSF-funded Charleston Software Workshop 2013 (for EOS report see Publications)

Charleston software workshop

Meeting report from the Prague detrital zircon workshop 2011 (for EOS report see Publications)

Prague detrital zircon meeting report

Meeting report of the NSF-funded Data Handling Workshop, AGU 2009 (for EOS report see Publications)

NSF Workshop report (AGU, San Francisco Dec. 2009) - LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Geochronology Data Handling Workshop


Grant reports and updates

Development of CyberInfrastructure to Support Laser-Ablation ICP Mass Spectrometry

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