Prague Workshop 2015 presentations

Prague workshop program

Paul Sylvester - A tribute to Jan Kosler

Gehrels & Horstwood - The zircon reference set experiment

Kosler & Jackson - Software package comparison


Charleston workshop presentations

Charleston Workshop program 

Kosler & Horstwood - Framing the problem

Software Presentations

Gehrels - AgeCalc

Pearson - Glitter

Paton - Iolite

Dunkl - UranOS

Sircombe - SQUID II

Mclean & Bowring - UPb_Redux

Jackson & Thomsen - software comparison


Mclean - Weighted means

McLean - Model Selection

McLean - Compositional Data

Vermeesch - Visualisation and Comparison of detrital age distributions (Part1)

Vermeesch - Visualisation and Comparison of detrital age distributions (Part2)

Vermeesch - Laplacian (Bayesian) stats in U-Pb data interpretation

Horstwood Roberts & Vermeesch - Analytical limitations on Age uncertainty


Gehrels - Geological Limitations

Gehrels - Cell fractionation and reference materials

Steely - Depth Profiling in LA-ICP-MS

Yin - HR U-Pb & Hf isotopes in zircons in thin sections


Prague detrital zircon workshop presentations

Dunkl - Data reporting

Sircombe - Data reporting and visualisation

Sircombe - statistics and uncertainties

Nemchin - data filtering and visualisation

Slama & Kosler - sampling bias in detrital zircon analysis

Kosler - Results of a detrital zircon interlaboratory comparison

Gehrels - Interpretation limits

Gehrels - Archiving new and legacy detrital zircon data




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